thaisub I A scheduled event is late or failed on WordPress (Cloudflare User)

Bad Site health reports

Explain the problems

Hi, are your website currently facing problems like these?

Your site health report said a scheduled event is late or failed, the rest API encountered an unexpected result, or even your site couldn’t complete a loopback request.

Bad Site health reports
Errors on Site Health Status

Error effects

Lately, your automated processes couldn’t work as they should?

Like, your scheduled post doesn’t work anymore, Rank Math plugin can’t fetch their analytics data, and caching plugin can’t automate scheduled purge cache or stuff like that.

Automated event failed on plugin


Failed processes

Moreover, you check out on all of your server-side, and nothing seems to be a problem.

You might even try to define wordpress cron to disable on wp-config.php file, but it doesn’t fix any issues.

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

In this article I also check cron events using the plugin called Crontrol to display failed scheduled processes. You can use it, but it is unnecessary unless you want to know your specific failed processes. I will leave the plugin link in the description below.

Crontrol plugin wordpress


WP Crontrol

One Click Solution

Before I lead you to the one-click solutions process.

Notice that you must be a Cloudflare user to try this method

Log in to the Cloudflare lead to your domain, then click the Bots button under the security tab. The last step was disabling the Bot Fight Mode.

Disable bots fight mode in cloudflare


Disable Bots Fight Mode in Cloudflare

Now, refresh your site and see if it is fixing your problem.

Refresh your site


After refreshing website

Some processes might take time much or less up to the number of processes.

Mine is working now. Hopefully, your process is now up and running too

The problem is now gone

But, it’s OK to still have some problems occur just give it a few minutes.

Additional Solutions idea

Just in case, to let you know if you want to continue using Bot Fight Mode. You can do more by using the Web Application Firewall rule method. But I’m not going to explain that in this Article. That’s all, thanks for reading. Goodbye until I see you next time



Create (WAF)

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